Is Cyber Sex Ethical?

The dilemmas around sexuality in our culture abound. We often repress our true desires, confused about our fantasies, guilt and shame forcing us to detach them from our relationships and using the internet to avoid intimacy. But some couples today … Read More

Failed relationships are inevitable

Many view divorce, or the ending of a relationship, as a failure. I like to reframe that thinking into a changing of the relationship. You will always have a relationship to that person, as long as your memory of your … Read More

Is Monogamy Over?

TIME Magazine posed this important question to content creators and thought leaders for yesterday’s Question Everything issue. It’s an important conversation the world needs to have, but particularly amongst couples therapists. We have a unique opportunity to guide couples in … Read More

Three reasons to dump them if they’re cheating

Breaking up isn’t always the answer. But there are times you should cut a cheating partner loose. In my latest blog for YourTango, I doled out some Relationship Advice for anyone in a relationship with a cheating partner. I recognize … Read More

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