Individual Supervision

Supervision for therapists and sex therapists is available for practitioners who want to work individually with Dr. Tammy Nelson, a Ph.D. Board Certified, Master Level, Expert therapist. Individual supervision gives you a chance to share your cases, hear ample feedback, receive interventions and get clinical direction from a Supervisor with expertise in couples therapy, sexuality, and infidelity.

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Supervision with Dr. Tammy Nelson is:

  • For beginners and advanced practitioners who want supervision for certification
  • For practitioners who want to consult on specific cases or special topics
  • For practitioners who want to work in a group or individually
  • Limited to 4 participants (for groups) to provide optimum participation
  • Designed to support sex therapists, educators, and counselors toward AASECT certification
  • Available upon request for LPCs and other practitioners
  • Available in-person, by phone, Skype/Zoom, and webinar formats

Group Supervision

Group Supervision provides valuable perspectives and insight not traditionally available during individual Supervision. Dr. Tammy directs each Supervision group session in order to:

  • Provide each participant with time to present cases and follow-up
  • Allow time for each participant to ask questions and learn from other participants
  • Encourage experiential intervention and competency

Maximum participation is encouraged. Clinicians with all levels of experience and backgrounds are welcome to participate, and all dynamics and approaches welcome. Optional resources may include reading material, videos, for advancing sex and couples therapy skills.

Dr. Tammy can help you manage the complex path toward certification. If you are interested in AASECT certification or CSCT certification (Certified Sex and Couples Therapist) f contact Tammy directly for details and a personalized development plan.

Select the appropriate supervision option for you below.

Certification Consultation
Certification Consultation

One-on-one supervision with Dr. Tammy Nelson, sex therapy expert and trainer.

$0.00$175.00 Select options
Individual Supervision
Individual Supervision

One-on-one supervision with Tammy, sex therapy expert and trainer.

$195.00$225.00 Select options
The Art of Sex Therapy Supervision
The Art of Sex Therapy Supervision

The Art of Sex Therapy Supervision is a collection of scholarly writings and case narratives that sheds light on issues that sex therapists face as supervisors or supervisees and provides techniques that can be adapted to fit clients’ specific needs. Written … Read More

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