Certification provides a standard of education, but your pathway to certification should fit your goals and needs.

ISTI offers individual classes and complete sessions that continually meet the challenging and changing social trends through specially designed programs developed by Dr. Tammy Nelson, an internationally recognized expert, author, lecturer and thought leader.  Attending these courses allows practitioners from all backgrounds to discover their own best selves while under the guidance of some of the most respected names in the industry.

Study Tracks

TRACK 1 – Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT) ► ​105 Clock hours**: 50 Sex Therapy*** + 30 Couples Therapy + 15 Integrative Therapy + 10 SAR

TRACK 2 – AASECT Sex Therapist ► ​160 Clock hours: 90 Sex Education + 60 Sex Therapy*** + 10 SAR

​TRACK 3 – Combined AASECT Sex Therapist* and CSCT ► ​205 Clock hours**: 160 Sex Therapist (including SAR) + 30 Couples Therapy + 15 Integrative Therapy


**A required 90 minute consult is performed at completion of all courses and is included in the program.
***Includes 16 hours of Couples Counseling Training. This requirement can be completed in the program or in an approved program for transfer.