Is Sex Addiction Real?

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I am a Board Certified Sexologist and a Certified Sex Therapist. For many of you this means very little, other than I am licensed and certified to treat couples and individuals with sexual “issues.” But what does this really mean … Read More

The Country’s Divorce

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I’m excited to begin contributing to Thrive Global. Check out an excerpt of my first article below, or read the full article here. Arguments erupted over the Thanksgiving dinner table all across America this past week. This was a scene … Read More

A Call for the Revolution

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I was deeply touched by Raphael Cushir’s If You Are In Electoral Distress. What really strikes me about Raphael’s poem is what he says at the end: Remember who you are. Remember where you come from. Remember your tribe. Bow … Read More

What Happened To Integrity

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Where is our integrity? It seems we have regressed in this country to boys and girls fighting on the third grade playground. And there are no good role models on this playground. It is time to grow up. What we … Read More

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