Is your partner having an emotional affair?

Emotional affairs are just as damaging to a marriage, if not more so, than strictly sexual affairs. Recovering a marriage after an emotional affair is a long, tough road. Emotional affairs are often more difficult to recognize as well because … Read More

Is it possible to get past an affair?

Hilary Clinton recently announced she is running for President. Many people still remember when Bill Clinton was President and had his infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky. Hilary chose back then to stay with Bill. Did they really get past the … Read More

Can you ethically cheat on your partner? is a new online dating website for both men and women who are in open relationships and looking for outside partners. Brandon Wade, the creator, calls it a “Dating Site for Ethical Cheaters.” My question is, is ethical cheating … Read More

Who is more jealous? Men or Women?

Over the years, many relationship experts have discussed how heterosexual men and women are different in how they experience jealousy. Now we have a large-scale study (64,000 Americans) providing evidence that heterosexual men are more concerned about potential sexual infidelity … Read More

Slipping into a sexual slump?

Are you finding yourself feigning a headache to get out of having sex with your lover? Has the honeymoon phase disappeared long ago? I have good news for you: you aren’t doomed to be stuck a sexless marriage. I love … Read More

Why does Mindfulness Matter in Relationships?

Do you find yourself getting distracted when you’re supposed to be in a conversation with your partner? Does your partner seem more concerned with getting their chance to explain themselves than listening to you? Do either of you dredge up … Read More

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