Is writing and publishing a dream for you as it is for many professionals? You may be closer than you think to publishing a book, an article or a blog that can get your name out into the world and turn your dream into reality.

If you have a book in mind — whether it is in the idea phase or in the proposal mode – editorial feedback through individual writing consultation or the accountability of a 12-week online Writing & Publishing class can propel your goals forward.

Need just a little extra to be inspired? Writing Retreats are a special treat every year in great locations like Fiji, Paris, sunny California and most recently in Cape Cod.

Dr. Tammy Nelson has pitched, promoted, queried, been accepted, been rejected, been excited, been disappointed and been published. She knows what you are going through. She know you “have no time, you have too many ideas, you don’t think you are good enough, you think it’s already been said.”

Tammy can be your advocate if you want to write and if you want to see your writing reach people (besides your mother and your spouse) and take your dreams to the next level.

Dr. Tammy Nelson is a published author with six books published by traditional houses along with many chapters, forwards, and expert quotes in other people’s books and hundreds of magazines and online columns. She also has written and published eBooks, both full-length and reasonable-length articles, and is a regular blogger. And she is a mother with a job who continues to write and practice her craft. Tammy is also very experienced at avoiding writing her novel, memoir, and screenplay for television.

Individual Writing Consultation
Individual Writing Consultation

Professional coaching for the writer who wants to be an author. Expert guidance, personalized assignments and a supportive helping hand are just part of the benefit of these one-on-one sessions.

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