How to Tell if Your Relationship is Dead or Just in a Slump

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Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s time to go. We’re told all relationships go through natural cycles of ups and downs. But sometimes relationships do fail. How do you know if you should end yours and when do you … Read More

Not Talking About Sex? It Could Be Making Other Issues Worse

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Many things could be causing conflict in your relationship, but issues around sex and desire might be the biggest reason. Conversations around sex are often avoided but they might actually be the cause of your arguments over other less important … Read More

Never Fake an Orgasm

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When men were surveyed in a study, they reported that they thought that “…it should take women no more than four minutes of direct clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm…” Anatomically, it takes women an average of eight to thirty … Read More

Could an Open Relationship Be Good For You?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an affair? To kiss or have sex with someone other than your spouse? Have you ever longed for more variety? Have you thought about it, maybe even met someone, … Read More

Tips on Having the “STD Talk”

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You have discovered that you have been infected with an STD/STI. Now what? Sharing the news with an existing or prospective partner can be rough. If your relationship is solid or your prospective partner is worth it, the following tips … Read More

Male Contraception is Now Possible, but Drug Companies Don’t Care

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Ever since the birth control pill came out in the 60s, the responsibility for preventing pregnancy has largely fallen on women. Yes, men often carry condoms, but too many avoid using them, bemoaning the loss of sensation. Now, there is … Read More

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