These Seven Sex Issues Can Hurt Your Relationship

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Are Your Sexual Issues Damaging Your Relationship? Sometimes relationship issues cause problems in the bedroom. Ignoring these sexual issues can damage and might even end your relationship. Talk to your partner. Seek professional help if your relationship is suffering. Erotic … Read More

How Do You Define Cheating?

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The Internet is often brought up in couples conflicts and blamed for infidelity. There are more ways to cheat today than ever before. What Counts as Cheating? And each couple may define cheating differently. The types of infidelity can range … Read More

Open Marriage Feels Threatening to Many; Are You Open to Change?

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The recent New York Times Magazine article, “Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage?” has opened a national conversation about the controversial practice of consensual nonmonogamy. Change Can Be Scary Although a lot of the comments on that article were … Read More

Are Your Beliefs About Sexuality Harming Your Clients?

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We are in a culture in the U.S. that teaches ideas about sexuality that are antiquated, misogynistic, and outdated. Our educational system even produces trained psychotherapists who can hold unconscious and misguided biases and beliefs about sexuality. Unfortunately, these therapists … Read More

The New Monogamy Includes Open Marriage as One Option

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The idea of an open marriage may be new to many, but there have been people practicing some form of open marriage, or marriage with multiple partners, for decades. And in fact, many people are in marriages with multiple partners, … Read More

How to Tell if Your Relationship is Dead or Just in a Slump

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Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s time to go. We’re told all relationships go through natural cycles of ups and downs. But sometimes relationships do fail. How do you know if you should end yours and when do you … Read More

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