A Statement from Tammy Nelson, Ph.D., Director of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute (ISTI), about the Repeal of Roe vs. Wade

As an institution dedicated to the continuing education of mental health professionals, ISTI continues to support safe access to abortion as healthcare. … Read More

Betrayal Trauma: Helping Couples Rebuild Connection (from PESI-UK)

Note: This was originally published at PESI-UK. You can read the original blog here.What are the tasks for couple therapy in the wake of infidelity? How can we help clients to recover from betrayal trauma and move forward together? And … Read More

Sex & News: Sex Toy Awareness Growing

Sometimes market predictors can reflect what we see in our therapy practices and forecast what’s likely coming our way. According to a recent analysis published in Business Wire, we’ve seen upticks in the use of sex toys over the past several … Read More

Guiding Couples through Fantasies and Discussions on the Open Monogamy Continuum

Recently Kristen Bell shared with Upworthy how her husband, actor Dax Shepard, is able to openly share with her who he finds attractive – without jealousy, insecurity, or judgment.   “He can tell me [about] someone he finds attractive, female or … Read More

Open Monogamy vs Radical Monogamy: Are They the Same Thing? 

Nick Levine recently wrote in Vice Magazine What Is ‘Radical Monogamy’? Reflexive monogamy is an assumption we make that we’ll find our one true person (usually of the opposite sex) to fall in love with and when we marry them, … Read More

Does therapy really help an emotional relationship?

Being in a relationship is the most challenging part of being alive. Dr. Tammy looks at the ways Imago Relationship Therapy helps couples overcome emotional and relational challenges.… Read More

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