Is Struggling & Fighting Normal in Relationships?

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While many couples have conflict, believing that your relationship can only be successful if you fight can be detrimental. Learn to release your attachment to struggling.
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7 Easy Tips to Help You Get the Sex You Want

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A lot of people are in relationships that they like, with partners they are attracted to, who want sex and enjoy intimacy.But life gets in the way. Check out these suggestions if you want more or better sex.… Read More

Vicinity Attraction & Work Spouses

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Vicinity attraction is often what turns a work spouse into an affair partner. Follow these steps to evaluate whether to let a work attraction turn into more and, if so, how to proceed.… Read More

Sharing Your Fantasies Can Bring You Closer Together

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Many of us worry that if our partners knew our fantasies, we’d lose their respect. Shame and embarrassment can keep both partners silent and unhappy in bed. But breaking this stalemate can bring you closer together.
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Pleasure Resistance & Disorders of Desire

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I’m looking forward to participating in a special training at Harvard Medical School at the end of this week (Nov. 16-17, 2018). My course is called, “Pleasure Resistance and Disorders of Desire: Helping Couples with Sexual Discrepancies,” is part of … Read More

Sex, Money, Lies, and Marriage

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Sometimes it seems like everyone must be lying to their partner. So many marriages end because of it. Money & sex are two areas people feel compelled to lie about. Can you truly handle honesty?… Read More

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