Catholic church reconsidering divorce in marriages

The Catholic church has maintained rigorous doctrines regarding the romantic and sexual relationships of it’s believers including condemnation of divorce. Marriage as a sacrament provided by God and irreversible by man is a fundamental belief in the Catholic church. Catholics … Read More

When a woman wants to cheat…

Elloa Atkinson’s article for Huffington Post, “I love my husband but here’s why I want to cheat” went viral. I had the pleasure of interviewing Elloa on the Imago Think Tank. During our interview she talked about being transparent, vulnerable … Read More

Impress your lover with a little French

Few can deny that French is a very romantic language; after all, Paris is the city of love. Bring just a taste of Paris into your sex life with these 10 Romantic French Phrases that are sure to “woo your … Read More

Narcissists are more likely to cheat

Narcissists wreak havoc on relationships, in both the therapists office and the bedroom. A new research study (mentioned in Psychology Today) has found that sexual narcissists are more likely to cheat. How do you avoid getting involved with a sexual … Read More

Polyamory Vs. Cheating

Cara Cordoni, a therapist, shares her work with polyamorous clients. In her article for, The BIG Difference Between Polyamory And Cheating, she shares that her polyamorous clients tend to be more honest (to themselves and to their partners) about … Read More

What is the role of positivity in couple therapy?

Jefferson Singer & Karen Skerrett shared highlights from their recent book, Positive Couple Therapy: Using we-stories to build resilience (Routledge Press; with the Imago audience at their annual conference held in Washington, DC from October 29th through November 1st, … Read More

How did you know he was cheating?

In my latest blog for YourTango, I asked an important and somewhat controversial question: How did You Know About his Affair? Maybe You’re Psychic Most of us have an intuitive sense that we either dismiss or tell ourselves is just … Read More

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