John Bradshaw’s Inner Child on the Imago Think Tank

I did an Imago Think Tank interview last week with John Bradshaw – one of my heroes. If you have ever heard the term “inner child” or “dysfunctional family” then you are probably quoting John Bradshaw’s work. His contribution to the field of recovery and healing is unparalleled.  He has written many books, several of which are NY Times best sellers, and there are several on this list which changed my life personally, as well as influenced my work as a therapist today.

Check out our interview on the Imago Think Tank here.  Check out his website at

P.S. I cried a little at the end of the interview, I was so touched by how real and transparent and deeply himself he was with me and with the audience of listeners.  Bravo, John Bradshaw, for changing the world and healing all of our inner children, especially mine.

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