Clinical Sexologist, Licensed Professional Counselor and Author Dr. Tammy Nelson speaks internationally on topics related to passionate and sustainable relationships, monogamy, writing and publishing for professionals, and contemporary issues in the field of Sex and Couples Therapy. Events are designed specifically for:

  • Clinicians seeking to become certified in sex therapy or integrative sex therapy (Check out the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute)
  • Couples seeking to renew, redefine or re-discover their ideal relationship
  • Individuals with a thirst for insight and a desire for a deeper personal life
  • Therapists seeking education in order to better serve their clients
  • Professionals and individuals wishing to write and publish
  • Professionals looking for coaching to start and expand their practice
  • Private groups and academics seeking to improve knowledge in an area of sex and couples therapy

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Couple leaning back to back smiling. The image is meant to represent the connection aspect of Imago therapy.
2 Day Imago Therapy Training and 1 Day Trauma Recovery Interventions – Reclaiming Pleasure

Master Imago therapy with expert Maya Kollman, MA, and pleasure recovery with ISTI Director Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. Online training. 21 CE credits.

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Image features a head with points coming off of it. Represents alternative approaches. ISTI leaf with text Live Online . Nov 15-17.
Anatomy, Disability, Assessment, and Alternative Approaches

Explore innovative modalities including hallucenogenics, art therapy, expert approaches to chronic illness and trauma, and more. Expert lecturers. 21 CE credits.

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Seal for the CSTIP - Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional - by the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute and Evergreen Certifications
Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional (CSTIP) Course

Join Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. for six sex therapy training modules filled with in-depth insight into today’s most challenging intimacy and relationship issues. Up to 18 CE Credits.

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For ISTI's Certificate Training Course: Photo features a certificate with gold seal in the bottom corner. Only the corner of the certificate can be seen. The ISTI leaf has text on it: Live Online July 19-22. In the top left corner is a red ribbon that says Special Training.
Integrative Couples Therapy Certification Course

4-day special event delving into the integration of sex and couples therapy with experts and guest speakers. Courses will include case study skill building, Imago, EFT, and IFS. Certificate in Integrative Couples Therapy available with 2 hrs integrative group supervision. (28 CEs)

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Bald man wearing black shirt and jeans holding his head in his hand as he sits. He looks upset, perhaps due to trauma or affairs.
Interventions for Dysfunction in Relationships, Trauma, Arousal & Affairs

Delve into trauma, affairs, sexual dysfunction, and relationships with Deany Laliotis, Jennifer Gardner, Brian Gibney, Barry McCarthy, and Tammy Nelson. Expert lecturers, online training. 21 CE credits.

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A man and woman sit at a desk. The woman looks at a laptop. Represents case consults. ISTI leaf on the bottom right with "Live online Dec 14th"
Special Topic – Advanced: Case Consults

Tammy Nelson and Gail Guttman guide you through challenging, advanced-level case consults.  Expert lecturers, online live training. 7 CE credits.

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A black gender-diverse couple lies in bed. They wear white shirts and are laughing together. One is holding a cell phone. The ISTI leaf has text over it: Live Online June 22-23. The photo represents ideal results from Trans Work in the therapy room.
Special Topics – WPATH and Trans Work

Develop your work with gender-diverse clients with Nick Marzo, Emma Smith, and Lucie Fielding. Expert lecturers. Earn up to 10 CE credits.

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Couples Intensives – California
Couples Intensives – California

Private coaching with Dr. Tammy Nelson for couples seeking growth, repair, and intimacy in their relationship. Now in Los Angeles, California!

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