Is long-term monogamy possible?

As a guest on Hollis Polk’s radio show “Your Life, Your Relationship” we had a great talk about whether long-term monogamy is possible. Listen in as we discuss what infidelity is and how technology has made infidelity so much easier. “There’s no … Read More

Common Dating Mistakes

It is easier than ever to date today.  When I was young(er) and dating, I had to actually meet people in person first, and then stay connected with them on the phone.  Yes, the phone.  I actually talked to them … Read More

Orgasms are Good For You! Surprised?

The Need For Orgasms In Jayne Keedle’s article in HealthyLife, Dr Tammy Nelson talks to readers about orgasms and how her book can help.   Keedle describes the benefit of orgasm and also the difficulty that some women have reaching orgasm … Read More

Can You Help Us Save Our Sex Life?

Dear Dr Tammy, My husband works a lot and doesn’t get home from work until late in the evenings. I have an office in the house and take care of the kids. At night we are both exhausted and many … Read More

Sex and Marriage – Professional Advice

Sex : The Honeymoon and Beyond: Advice From a Sex Therapist As a board certified sexologist and a certified sex therapist, I have seen a lot of couples over the years for marriage therapy. Most of them seem surprised when … Read More

Why you shouldn’t call him “Sweetie”…

The May 2011 Cosmo featured an article I contributed to about the toxic nicknames you should never use with a loved one. You would never call your guy Love Muffin or Pooh Bear in public. But dropping those so-sweet-you-wanna-puke nicknames … Read More

The Future Of Your Relationship

This is the first time in history that we can cheat on our partner while lying in bed next to them; on our laptop and handheld devices. Cybersex, pornography on the internet and Facebook create avenues of exploration for all … Read More

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