What Gay Marriage Can Teach us About Sex

I had a friend recently ask me if I’d seen the movie with Meryl Streep called “Hope Springs.”  Meryl and her husband, played by Tommy Lee Jones, are in dire need of couples counseling and they go to love guru, Steve Carell. I haven’t seen … Read More

Special offer for my blog readers

I sent a special offer out to my email subscribers and I’d like to offer my blog readers the same deal – Sign up for any of my upcoming teleclasses by December 10th and you’ll get a special bonus: an End … Read More

How do you tell your lover about your kink?

Imagine having a secret desire that you fear sharing because society has equated your interest with mental illness – it’s a reality for many people who hide their fetishes behind closed metaphorical doors. Jillian Keenan bravely shares her story of … Read More

Are you willing to try plastic surgery for sexual pleasure?

Have you heard about the controversial treatment for increasing sexual pleasure now available through plastic surgery: shots of collagen in the G-spot? Doctors are calling it “G-shots in the G-spots” and it’s becoming a popular treatment for increasing g-spot pleasure. … Read More

9 ways to initiate sex

Women are socialized to be shy about sex and can have a hard time bringing up the topic.  But it’s difficult to get what you want  in bed if you don’t ask for it. Check out this list of suggestions for … Read More

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