Common Dating Mistakes

It is easier than ever to date today.  When I was young(er) and dating, I had to actually meet people in person first, and then stay connected with them on the phone.  Yes, the phone.  I actually talked to them with my voice.  We didn’t have texting and Facebook and Apps back then.

Dating meant your friend fixed you up with someone they knew and then you sat through an excruciatingly long evening of “so what kind of music do you listen to?” Or you waited around in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store hoping someone perfect would bump into you by the frozen peas.
Now anyone can go online and find thousands of potential dates all in one night, without ever leaving their chair.  Like shoe shopping, the potential is endless.  And the capacity to date more than one of these great potential guys is exponentially greater than it ever has before.  The temptation to try out the new shoes (I mean dates) makes perfect sense.
Dating more than one potential mate at a time is easier than ever because there are so many options available.  And staying in touch with them, balancing the schedule and arranging your time is technologically possible now, more than it was in my day.  So while you are out with one guy, you can be texting the next, and Facebooking the potential date for this weekend.  But doesn’t it get confusing?
In Cosmopolitan this month, I talk about how dating too often might actually lower your chances of finding the one you actually want to be with.  To read the full article go to:

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