Is Safe Sex Boring Sex?

I’m not talking about STD’s and condoms here, we’re talking about emotional safety. Women tell me all the time, “I need to feel safe with my partner in order to have good sex.” And that makes sense. The safer we … Read More

Kinky people are mentally healthier than others

Kinky people have better mental health than everyone else Researchers in this study evaluated BDSM practitioners and “vanilla” people on personality, sensitivity to rejection, style of attachment in relationships and well-being. The results show that people who practice BDSM are more … Read More

Ever wonder if you’re normal (in bed)?

If you’ve ever wondered if your sex life is normal – check out this article on YourTango by Dr. Margaret Paul – 11 Wacky Signs Your Sex Life Is Totally Normal I’m willing to bet you’ll be feeling normal in … Read More

Can A Retreat Save Your Marriage?

A couples retreat can bring intimacy, renewal and healing if you’ve been neglected or feel betrayed Laura was contemplating the end of her marriage. She and her husband Bill had been married for eighteen years, and had two young children. … Read More

Is there a magic button for a perfect relationship? No!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a set of rules or instructions for having a perfectly satisfying relationship? I’m pretty sure that’s completely unrealistic! Psychotherapist and columnist Philippa Perry suggests that it’s unhealthy to approach a relationship in such … Read More

Affairs are a hot topic!

I’ve got two, yes TWO, articles on the home page of! In the One Thing That Will Save Your Relationship After an Affair find out what one thing you can do to not only save your marriage but improve … Read More

4 simple tips for getting the sex you want

What are the easiest ways to get the sex you really want? Find out in CLEO (a NZ magazine) where my expert opinion adds to a great, informative read. Women deserve to have more passion, intimacy, and satisfaction in their … Read More

New research on perceptions of gay guys, gender roles

Joe Kort posted another great article on HuffingtonPost last week about the misconceptions and misperceptions of gay guys in both the homosexual and heterosexual cultures. The most important lesson from this research and Joe’s article is that everyone is a … Read More

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