Exercise: Sex Date

Make a date with your partner for sex. Four days prior to the date, use small acts to create anticipation for the big night. For example, show your partner physical affection at least three times the first day. Attempt to … Read More

Erotic Curiousity

 Conflict leads to the power struggle.  Sex might be used now as a way to prove that you are not getting enough of what you want, or maybe it is a way to hold out on your partner until they … Read More

The Next Sexual Stages of a Love Relationship

The next sexual stage of a love relationship is the ‘Romantic Stage.’  We can adore our partner here for all of their quirks and the parts of their personality that we might later critique.  But for now they can do no … Read More

What are the stages of a sexual relationship?

  The first stages of all relationships are Longing and Attraction.  We all feel attraction in the space of longing – we long for what we do not have.  This phase includes romantic love, desire, obsessive thinking, sexual fantasies, sneaking around, … Read More

Why Women Lose Interest in Sex

Read Tammy Nelson’s expert opinion in this article by Bettyconfidential.com’s Amber Madison on Why women lose interest in the bedroom and what they can do to improve their sex lives!   Why Women Lose Interest in Sex….and what can be … Read More

A Sexual Wake-UpCall…

SEE DR NEIL CANNON’S BLOG ABOUT TAMMY NELSON July 22, 2009 by Dr. Neil Cannon   Everyone has heard of the 7 year itch. In clinical terms there are actually three stages of a relationship that are at higher levels … Read More

Tammy Nelson quoted in GLAMOUR Magazine

 June 09    The article in the Men, Sex and Love section of the Relationship Report, called “The Sex Secret I’ve Never Told Anyone,” by Serena Kim in Glamour Magazine this month quotes Tammy Nelson, sex and relationship expert. In … Read More

Have a foot fetish? Think again…

 This entry is submitted by Brent Concklin, MA, LMHC  Although generally accepted as a valid term in the world of paraphilias, foot fetish is actually a false notion.   According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders IV TR … Read More

Yes, Dear. Tonight Again.

365 Nights and Just Do It are two books that came out this year, not too long after my book, Getting the Sex You Want.  Seems like everyone’s catching on that “just doing it” is the way to get true relationship satisfaction and … Read More


Pastor’s Advice for Better Marriage: More Sex   The weeklong sex challenge for married couples at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Tex. The evangelical church has 20,000 members.   By GRETEL C. KOVACH Published: November 23, 2008 GRAPEVINE, Tex. — And … Read More

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