Why aren’t women happy? (surprising new research)

FACT: Women in the West today have truly become the most autonomous, independent, educated and powerful generation in recorded history… We’re being heralded as the saviors of the global economy, we’re graduating from college in higher numbers than men, and … Read More

Sex life in a slump?

When sexual desire is lacking, it can affect all areas of your life. Cristin Whiting suggests asking yourself, “How am I living?” If you’re not giving yourself the time and energy to truly enjoy your life then desire for sex may be … Read More

Dr. Adam Sheck’s Own Your Mission

Dr. Adam Sheck is a licensed psychologist and “mission specialist”, certified in Imago Relationship Therapy and has been counseling and mentoring clients for over twenty years. He talks about his latest mission – being a mission specialist. What exactly IS … Read More

Yoga for Sexual Health

Did you know your regular yoga habit is a boost to your sexual life? A study in India has found that women who did yoga for 45 minutes a day saw improvement in their experience of pain, arousal and orgasms. … Read More

Visualize Your Perfect Valentines Day

My latest blog over on YourTango is devoted to making your Valentine’s Day a perfect celebration of your love. This year, instead of falling into the trap of the same old Valentine’s Day rut, create your perfect vision of your … Read More

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