Why You Shouldnt Call Him Sweetie

You would never call your guy Love Muffin or Pooh Bear in public. But dropping those so -sweet-you-wanna-puke nicknames into even private convos can take a serious toll on your relationship….. For more of this article by Anna Davies, with Dr. Tammy … Read More

sexual dependency syndrome

Sexual dependency is a dysfunctional form of sexual acting out, we sometimes call it sexual addiction.  Sexual dependency doesnt mean you are depending on your partner for sex, or that you really like sex.  Sex addiction is, in fact, not about sex at … Read More

Online Orgasm

If you are hooked on the internet and use it for your socical and sexual relationships, does that make you an addict?  You can become addicted to your own brain chemistry.  When you have intense orgasmic experiences online your brain … Read More

Sex on the Download: A Four part teleclass

Find out what is wrong and what is right with looking at porn on the internet and chatting with others on the internet. SEX ON THE DOWNLOAD:Part 1  A four part teleclass with Joe Kort and Tammy Nelson “Sex on … Read More

How to Make Passion a Priority

There are two parts of relationships, companionships and eroticism.  Your companionship is how you get along, how you manage your family life, your home.  The erotic aspect of your partnership is how you feel about each other.  This is where … Read More

Three Steps to Increasing Desire

What are the three steps to increasing desire in a relationship? I’ll write about them later.  Right now I have a headache.   Dr T.  

Men Like Porn for the Same Reason They Love Their…..

Men like porn, for the same reason they love their….thats right….for the same reason they love their dogs.  Men love their dogs.  And for similar reasons, they love porn. Although maybe not for the reasons you’re thinking. A close male friend … Read More


FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN A FREE TELECLASS:Join Rachel Moheban and her special guest Tammy Nelson PhD, Board Certified Sexologist and Certified Imago Relationship Therapist in a free TELE class “EROTIC RECOVERY AFTER INFIDELITY” Tuesday, September 21st at … Read More

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