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Sex : The Honeymoon and Beyond: Advice From a Sex Therapist

As a board certified sexologist and a certified sex therapist, I have seen a lot of couples over the years for marriage therapy. Most of them seem surprised when they realize that they have to work hard on the erotic side of the relationship to keep it alive and sexy. Most believe that if they have a good marriage the sex will take care of itself. It doesn’t.

In my 20 years of couples therapy practice I have found that partners can get along well and be good roommates, but still have a frustrating sex life. And this can be risky. Couples who are not having good sex are usually more dissatisfied with their relationships and eventually become discouraged about their future together.

There are several predictable phases that your sex life will pass through in your marriage.

Understanding them can help you work on your sex life and stay erotic for life.


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