Schedule A Date for Sex

Scheduling a date for sex seems like it would kill all the spontaneity that you imagine goes along with an erotic life, right?  But think about it.  When you were dating, didn’t you know when those hot dates would end … Read More

All You Wanted to Know About Sex

Are you an Imago Therapist?  Sylvia Rosenfeld LCSW and I will be in New York October 1st to talk about Sex and Couples.  All You Wanted to Know About Sex Therapy but Were Afraid to Ask: Case Consultation with Tammy … Read More

sex addiction – is it real?

Is there such a thing?    What is it?  How do you recognize it?  How do you treat it?   Hypersexual behaviors like addiction to porn, infidelity, exhibitionism, intrusive sexual behaviors and other compulsive sexual problems effect spouses and partners … Read More

Couples and Sex

For most couples sex is development.  Not elemental, my dear Watson, but developmental.  Early in a relationship, sex feels like everything.  It makes or breaks the decision to stay or go.  It sucks you in or spits you out (so … Read More

How do I know if I’m a Sex Addict?

There are a lot of conflicting ideas out there in the press about sex addiction right now.  Is it real?  Does it exist? If you are addicted to sex or sexual behaviors, you probably dont care what we, the professionals, … Read More

Are you addicted to Porn? Take this simple Test.

Pornography Dependency Syndrome/ Pornography Addiction Assessment    This is a quick unscientific questionnaire that may help someone to identify themselves as addicted to sex or suffering from sexual dependency syndrome.    1. Are you hiding the fact that you are … Read More

Is Sex Addiction Real?

by Dr. Tammy Nelson   Is there such a thing as sex addiction?  Can someone become compulsive about sex, using it to avoid feelings and responsibilities?  Yes.  Can sex be a way to numb out and avoid being in a … Read More

Is Tiger a Sex Addict?

How can you Tell?  by Tammy Nelson   Take a look here:   In an article in Tango, Dr. Tammy Nelson is interviewed as a Tango expert, along with a few other experts in sex addiction and infidelity.  For the … Read More

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