Special offer for my blog readers

I sent a special offer out to my email subscribers and I’d like to offer my blog readers the same deal –
Sign up for any of my upcoming teleclasses by December 10th and you’ll get a special bonus: an End Your Affair with Integrity FIVE page tBook (therapy booklet) to help you help you or your clients end an affair.
When you or are ready to let go, do it in a mature way.  This tBook has easy to follow, clearly laid out steps to end a relationship. Feel empowered when you know that there is a clear way to move on, and  to recover.  Ending an affair isn’t always easy. If you are ready to let go, End Your Affair with Integrity can help you do it in a healthy and caring way, for everyone involved.  No where else is this information available, for therapists or anyone looking to deal with these sensitive issues.
You will also receive a Divorcing with Dignity FIVE page tBook with a built in questionnaire that can help couples move through the very difficult ending that many marriages suffer from.
Not all couples make it to a happy ending at the end of therapy. Divorcing with Dignity includes respectful and caring directives for anyone looking to end a marriage with dignity, integrity and respect.  It contains dialogues designed to help couples show their appreciation, caring and support as they each move into a new future, with acknowledgement for the very important past that they have shared.
Sign up for two or more teleclasses, you will also receive Starting Over, a FIVE page tBook (therapy booklet) that can help anyone starting a new relationship, either for the first time or for those renewing a relationship  with their spouse.
Help couples in second marriages create a new vision for their shared future, and honor those in their first marriage start a whole new committed partnership, together, beginning again.  Starting Over can help anyone in a New Year, a new monogamy or even in a new love relationship.
Special Holiday Offer: If you register for “Create Your New Monogamy” before December 25, you will also receive a FREE personal consultation with Dr. Tammy Nelson, designed to improve your relationship based on your specific relationship style, wants and needs!

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