Show your wife some appreciation on Mother’s Day

Tomorrow, when you’re showing your appreciation for the woman who raised you, be sure to remember a special moment for your wife.

Being a Mom is a full time job. One day a year a homemade card and pancakes in bed is not too much to ask for. A massage, a manicure, some attention, that’s usually what mothers want. Brunch, some shopping, or just some acknowledgement that the major sacrifices that they have made, every day of their lives since the moment of conception, is recognized and appreciated.

If Mom doesn’t feel appreciated, the resentment can erode the foundation of the entire marriage. Let’s face it, Mom wants acknowledgement on Mother’s Day not only from the kids but from the father of her children. If she doesn’t feel appreciated for the work she has done, the physical exhaustion and the emotional depletion that comes with mothering, she may turn outward for emotional renewal.

The biggest day of the year for female sign ups to, the website for married people looking to cheat, is the day after Mother’s Day. In fact, in 2012 there was a 400 percent increase in female sign ups on the Monday after Mother’s Day. Noel Biderman, the CEO of Ashley Madison, says that Mother’s Day leads women to “magnify the flaws” of their husbands, and “leads to questions” about their relationships. This then leads them to think about “doing something different.”

Don’t let your wife feel disappointed this Mother’s Day. For some tips on how to make her feel appreciated, check out this blog I wrote for HuffingtonPost: Don’t Let Your Wife Cheat on the Day After Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to my Wife

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