Can you ethically cheat on your partner? is a new online dating website for both men and women who are in open relationships and looking for outside partners. Brandon Wade, the creator, calls it a “Dating Site for Ethical Cheaters.”

My question is, is ethical cheating similar to having an open marriage or is this a new kind of monogamy?

There is a growing desire among online daters for new sites like these to create a community for anyone looking for partners who are in open or flexible relationships. Most sites out there now are rife with singles and people who are married who are looking for sex outside their marriage, but are clearly having affairs and sneaking around. As the increase in open, swinging and polyamorous population grows across the country, the need is there for a new type of dating.

Whenever anyone goes outside of their primary monogamy agreement, regardless of the “openness” of the original promise, betrayal can happen. Isn’t “ethical cheating” an oxymoron?

But is for couples seeking open, honest relationships or the rush of forbidden relationships, naughty sex, or illicit hookups?

Check out my conversation with the Creator of and my thoughts on ethical cheating in my latest blog for Is there such a thing as Ethical Cheating?

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