Tammy Nelson quoted in GLAMOUR Magazine

 June 09    The article in the Men, Sex and Love section of the Relationship Report, called “The Sex Secret I’ve Never Told Anyone,” by Serena Kim in Glamour Magazine this month quotes Tammy Nelson, sex and relationship expert. In … Read More

Have a foot fetish? Think again…

 This entry is submitted by Brent Concklin, MA, LMHC  Although generally accepted as a valid term in the world of paraphilias, foot fetish is actually a false notion.   According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders IV TR … Read More


The Record-ReviewNew YorkLove & Marriage Section SpecialPage 7-A February 13 2009 In treatment: Staying in love, with a little helpBy Eve Marx Nelson said, “Falling in love is easy. That’s why we call it ‘falling’ and not ‘climbing.’ Falling in … Read More

AFFAIRS & INFIDELITY; Does an open relationship work?

I have been doing some research and some writing on polyamoury, open relationships, etc. where a married or committed couple choose to have other lovers aside from the primary partner, and the committed couple is aware of and talks about … Read More


Article in The Republican; Girls Just Want to Have Fun Massachusetts January 15 2009  Passionate Partners by Denise Favro Schwartz Thursday January 15, 2009, 5:33 PM A chat with Tammy Nelson, couples therapist Tammy Nelson wants you to get intimate. … Read More


Are you a lover of love?  Are you addicted to the kind of love that gets your blood flowing?  Maybe what you really love is PASSION.  And maybe you are a passion junky! Passion junkies are not love addicts.  They … Read More

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