Are you a lover of love? 

Are you addicted to the kind of love that gets your blood flowing? 

Maybe what you really love is PASSION.  And maybe you are a passion junky!

Passion junkies are not love addicts.  They are not sex addicts.  Passion junkies are the kind of lover that adores being swept off their feet.  They are the kind of lover that sets the mood – they like candles, scents, soft sheets, lingerie, etc.

Both men and women can be into passion.  Passion junkies are into their senses.  They like how things FEEL.  They like how things SMELL.  They like the look of their surroundings.  Passion junkies get lost in their senses and want their lover to get lost in the sensual experience too.

This Valentines day show your loved one that you are a passion junky by setting the stage for passion.  Passion doesnt come spontaneously.  At least not if you’ve been together for a while.  And especially if you have kids, jobs, a home, responsibilities….

Passion needs to be planned.  Set aside some time to create an atmosphere that looks sexy, smells wonderful and has all the sensory experiences that create a night (or afternoon or morning or MOMENT) of love for the two of you.

And appreciate your own jones for PASSION.  Its ok.  Go ahead.  Indulge your passion craving.  Have as much as you want.


Happy Valentines Day.



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