What are the stages of a sexual relationship?

  The first stages of all relationships are Longing and Attraction.  We all feel attraction in the space of longing – we long for what we do not have.  This phase includes romantic love, desire, obsessive thinking, sexual fantasies, sneaking around, … Read More


Intensives Intensives are private psychotherapy sessions for couples who are traveling from out of town and cannot make it to weekly sessions, or want a more in-depth experience. Like a couples workshop, we explore intensive ways to increase the connection … Read More

Affairs – Late Night with David

Lots of people are talking about affairs these days.  Between Jon Edwards, Kate plus Eight without him, and now David Letterman, is it really a surprise to hear on the news that yet another politician or celebrity or religious figure has had … Read More

The Future of Fidelity

What is the future of Sex?  Can we, as pair bonding humans, really stay faithful to each other? Are we destined to cheat? Helen Fisher, anthropologist and researcher, says extra marital affairs have always happened at a very high rate and … Read More

Why Women Lose Interest in Sex

Read Tammy Nelson’s expert opinion in this article by’s Amber Madison on Why women lose interest in the bedroom and what they can do to improve their sex lives!   Why Women Lose Interest in Sex….and what can be … Read More

Celebrities Looking for Baby Fix

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