AFFAIRS & INFIDELITY; Does an open relationship work?

I have been doing some research and some writing on polyamoury, open relationships, etc. where a married or committed couple choose to have other lovers aside from the primary partner, and the committed couple is aware of and talks about the ramifications of the side relationships, whether they are purely sexual or love relationships.

We may all find that this is more of a trend than we might be aware of, as a new generation of couples responds to how they see their parents versions of marriage and fidelity end more than half the time in divorce. Young people are looking for new ways to define relationships, and regardless of what our
personal reactivity to various combinations of relationships may be, it seems to be a movement toward what they describe as a new form of honesty.

Couples where a primary partner is involved in the decision making about bringing in another partner to the relationship is based on an open policy that is negotiated within the partnership, and continues to need negotiation along the way.

I have used Imago and seen Imago dialogue work with these open relationships, and have done some supervision with other Imago therapists seeing similar situations.  If you or someone you know is in or considering an open relationship, please write me on the discussion board on this website or email me at


If you are a therapist or professional, I will be offering a training for therapists and healthcare professionals to help couples who experience infidelity, affairs, and other breaches of monogamy agreements who are in crisis in their relationships. Intervention around communication skills and sensitive follow up will inclide case examples, exercises and lecture. Participants will learn skills needed to work wtih couples to create lasting change and connection.

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