Polyamory in Newsweek

  Only You. And You. And You. Polyamory—relationships with multiple, mutually consenting partners—has a coming-out party. By Jessica Bennett | Newsweek Web Exclusive Jul 29, 2009 Terisa Greenan and her boyfriend, Matt, are enjoying a rare day of Seattle sun, … Read More

Polyamory (Part II): What Polyamory is NOT

 In my ongoing writing and researchI am exploring the FUTURE OF SEX and the unique ways couples deal withlong term commitment and sexuality. In this month’s news, we have a guest writer – Dr Liz Currin writes about a form … Read More

A Sexual Wake-UpCall…

SEE DR NEIL CANNON’S BLOG ABOUT TAMMY NELSON July 22, 2009 by Dr. Neil Cannon   Everyone has heard of the 7 year itch. In clinical terms there are actually three stages of a relationship that are at higher levels … Read More

Polyamory (Part I): “When Loving One Isn’t Enough”

In my ongoing writing and research for my next book, I have talked to couples who are finding new and unique ways of dealing with long term commitment and sexuality. In this month’s news, we have a guest writer – … Read More

NEW radio podcast interview; Sacred Porn

 Perspectives on SACRED PORN & THE EMPOWERING USE OF FANTASY with Tammy Nelson In this episode, Tammy discloses the path of Sacred Porn. Discover:When is pornography objectifying or connecting? When can fantasy increase healing and pleasure? What are the warning … Read More


People have affairs for different reasons.No matter what you read or see on television, there is never one explanation for infidelity. All people, men and women, gay or straight, are at risk for extramarital relationships. And there areas many different … Read More

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