Tammy Nelson quoted in GLAMOUR Magazine

 June 09 


The article in the Men, Sex and Love section of the Relationship Report, called “The Sex Secret I’ve Never Told Anyone,” by Serena Kim in Glamour Magazine this month quotes Tammy Nelson, sex and relationship expert. In answer to questions that readers wrote in, Tammy gives advice to women with embarrassing and yet common sex questions. For example, on page 114 of the article in the June 09 edition, the question was:


When I read about exotic sex positions, I think, Oh, please. I just want him on top of me! – Hansoul, 24


Tammy was quoted:


There’s nothing shameful about letting a guy take the lead in bed. Some women like being dominated since they assume so much responsibility at work or in other parts of a relationship, says sex therapist Tammy Nelson, author of Getting the Sex You Want: “Letting go can be just as empowering as taking charge.” For a lot of women, missionary is the most pleasurable position.


(My Note, not in the article = did you know that the position will determine how and when you will achieve orgasm? Different positions work for different people, and sometimes at different times of the month, depending on sensitivity.)


Keep reading for more advice as Tammy gives answers on oral sex advice for women who experience pain and discomfort. Look for other sex experts as well, including Dr Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First, and statistics from a poll in Consumer Health Reports.


For more information or to ask your own sex question, please go to www.tammynelson.org and join her discussion board today or follow her on her fan page on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Getting-the-Sex-You-Want/70524292128



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