Exercise: Sex Date

Make a date with your partner for sex. Four days prior to the date, use small acts to create anticipation for the big night. For example, show your partner physical affection at least three times the first day. Attempt to … Read More

Why Do Famous Men Cheat?

A reporter asked me today, “Why do famous mean cheat?” I thought about it and realized, “Well, for the same reason other men cheat.  Because they can.” Most men cheat because of  OPPORTUNITY.  Men like Tiger Woods  who has everything to … Read More

Make Love – a Priority

Talking to your partner about their desires and learning what their inner fantasy is like is different than sharing yours – be curious about their inner erotic life.  Help them spark their interest in sex again by asking them what turns them … Read More

Erotic Curiousity

 Conflict leads to the power struggle.  Sex might be used now as a way to prove that you are not getting enough of what you want, or maybe it is a way to hold out on your partner until they … Read More

The Conflict Begins

The moment we commit to ‘forever’ to our partner, we RELAX into the relationship, and what happens?  We  immediately REGRESS.  We go back to what we have always known about FOREVER – which is probably your family.  All of your family … Read More

The Next Sexual Stages of a Love Relationship

The next sexual stage of a love relationship is the ‘Romantic Stage.’  We can adore our partner here for all of their quirks and the parts of their personality that we might later critique.  But for now they can do no … Read More

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