Kinky people are mentally healthier than others

Kinky people have better mental health than everyone else Researchers in this study evaluated BDSM practitioners and “vanilla” people on personality, sensitivity to rejection, style of attachment in relationships and well-being. The results show that people who practice BDSM are more … Read More

Ever wonder if you’re normal (in bed)?

If you’ve ever wondered if your sex life is normal – check out this article on YourTango by Dr. Margaret Paul – 11 Wacky Signs Your Sex Life Is Totally Normal I’m willing to bet you’ll be feeling normal in … Read More

Review of upcoming teleseminar with Talli Rosenbaum!

Tracy Sher over at has generously reviewed our upcoming teleseminar Just Relax! Understanding Sexual Pain & Anxiety. It was pre-recorded in two parts and will be available for download on June 11th. From Tracy’s review: “Often in the discussion … Read More

Women want sex, too!

Another story of gender stereotypes that may not be true. A new study from Australia shows that women are far more interested in pleasurable sexual experiences than our culture will have us think. It’s a great discussion that I think … Read More

Is there a magic button for a perfect relationship? No!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a set of rules or instructions for having a perfectly satisfying relationship? I’m pretty sure that’s completely unrealistic! Psychotherapist and columnist Philippa Perry suggests that it’s unhealthy to approach a relationship in such … Read More

Is porn a negative influence on sexual behavior?

“Studies have linked porn consumption to sexual aggression, problems with intimate relationships and losing one’s virginity at an earlier age. But the influence of sexually explicit material on some risky behaviors may be more modest than previously thought.” Read more: … Read More

Routledge Will Publish a Porn Studies Journal

Yes, there will be a scholarly journal dedicated to the study of pornography and it’s relation to culture, economy, history, institutions, legal and social contexts. This is a great improvement for the field of human sexuality and I’m looking forward … Read More

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