Are you a lover of love?  Are you addicted to the kind of love that gets your blood flowing?  Maybe what you really love is PASSION.  And maybe you are a passion junky! Passion junkies are not love addicts.  They … Read More

New Relationships

As I sit at my laptop listening to the roar of the inaguaration crowd on the radio, I am struck by the two million people that have descended on Washington DC today for the celebration and life changing event that … Read More

This month’s PASSION tip

Try this month’s PASSION tip and keep your partnership passionate and alive! This month’s PASSION tip: Tell your partner one thing you appreciate about them as a lover. It can be something you appreciate about their body, or how they … Read More

Welcome to Tammy Nelson’s Blog

Hello. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be updating this site frequently with information about my book, Getting the Sex You Want, and about other sex tips and techniques that I dream up along the way.

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