Review of upcoming teleseminar with Talli Rosenbaum!

Tracy Sher over at has generously reviewed our upcoming teleseminar Just Relax! Understanding Sexual Pain & Anxiety. It was pre-recorded in two parts and will be available for download on June 11th.

From Tracy’s review:
“Often in the discussion of treatment dysfunction, there’s an assumed paradigm in which the doctor will treat the dysfunctions of the skin or visceral organs, the sex therapist will address the couple’s issues and patient’s emotional issues, and the physical therapist will make sure the muscles are functioning correctly. Talli Rosenbaum and Tammy Nelson seek to shatter this way of thinking and replace it with a shift towards empowerment and mindfulness.”

Check out Tracy’s great comprehensive review on her blog: Sex and Anxiety – A Teleseminar Review

Thank you Tracy!

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