Is your relationship a source of stress or an oasis?

Phyllis R Koch-Sheras recently published an article on asking this very question. Our busy modern society is rife with potential stress, but should your relationships at home be contributing to your rising stress levels? I say No! Koch-Sheras provides really great … Read More

Everyone wonders… am I ‘normal’?

It’s a popular question – people often wonder how their relationship, their happiness, stacks up against others. Are you holding hands more or less than other couples? Are you more or less affectionate? Do you have hotter, steamier, more passionate … Read More

Could polyamory be better than monogamy?

It’s no surprise that I believe the definition of monogamy is changing. This article has brought together research findings on various types of non-monogamy and how monogamous couples can learn important lessons from people in consensually non-monogamous relationships.

More discussion on the debate of sex addiction

Sex addiction experts Dr. David Ley, Robert Weiss, and Marnie Ferree were recently featured on HuffPost Live discussing sex addiction. Frankly, I am almost confused about the debate myself.  Does it matter what we call a problematic behavior with sex, if … Read More

A podcast all about… Sperm!

Both fun and educational… Radiolab podcast did an episode dedicated to sperm. Sperm carry half the genes needed for human life. In this hour of Radiolab, some basic questions and profound thoughts about reproduction. To begin: why so many sperm? … Read More

More evidence on the sex addiction debate

There’s been quite the debate in the media regarding the validity of sex addiction, and this study out of New Zealand is just one more piece of evidence to add. The authors quote my esteemed colleague Marty Klein, expert sex … Read More

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