What Does Andy Want from His Chaotic Life?

What does it mean to live in chaos? Are some people just more prone to self-sabotage? If you haven’t caught it yet, I am the first guest on the new season of Andy Dick’s new podcast. In each episode, he … Read More

Why Does the World Need more Couples Therapists?

Now more than ever, the world needs you. If you are drawn to being a healer, if you have always wanted to be a therapist, or if you are doing clinical work now, you are hearing the call. The planet … Read More

Could Porn Be Good for Your Relationship?

Is there room for porn in a healthy relationship? Porn — good porn — ( I define good porn as porn that shows participants getting off for real, and consensually) any porn that works for the viewer — can be used in many ways — including to create a more satisfying erotic life. First, it can increase desire and arousal in both men and women. It can be highly stimulating and bring a couple out of their routine sexuality (what I call “maintenance sex.”)… Read More

How Do You Shut Down Your Cheating Behavior?

It’s easy for micro-cheating behavior traits to sneak up on you. You may be in the midst of another cycle of cheating or pre-cheating behavior and not even recognize it.… Read More

Empathy is Not Acquiescence

Have you ever had an argument or a heated discussion and your partner says, “I get it?” It feels good in the moment but you really don’t think they do get it. Nor do they like what you’re saying. And … Read More

Do You Have Female Orgasmic Disorder?

Have you ever heard of Female Orgasmic Disorder? This term describes a condition in which a woman is significantly distressed about her difficulty achieving orgasm (and may not get there at all), even though she is sexually aroused. Women experience … Read More

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