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Sex & News: Sex Toy Awareness Growing

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Sometimes market predictors can reflect what we see in our therapy practices and forecast what’s likely coming our way. According to a recent analysis published in Business Wire, we’ve seen upticks in the use of sex toys over the past several years, especially among women. The reasons vary. Awareness of sex toys, lessened stigma, and couples’ acceptance of sex toys as intimacy enhancers play a role. The COVID-19 pandemic, which limited people’s ability to get out, date, and hook up, also played a considerable role in the rise of these devices. That interest is likely to continue ballooning over the next decade.

What does this mean for sex and couples therapy?

It means that we will continue to see sex toys factor into our therapy sessions. In some cases, it will be a positive factor, where sex toys are an intervention to help couples overcome sexual difficulties. In other cases, sex toys will be a factor in the difficulties couples face in their relationships. 

Any time we see something sex-related gain acceptance and popularity in our culture, we therapists see the positive and negative impacts. It’s important as therapists that we are prepared with the kinds of interventions that address the impacts of sexual changes on our clients. 

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