How to Tell Your Spouse About Your Affair – Five Things to Think About

(An Excerpt from When You’re the One Who Cheats by Dr. Tammy Nelson) The following is an exercise to help you prepare to disclose an affair to your spouse. When revealing infidelity to your partner, it is important to handle … Read More

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Dating After Divorce

Guest Post by Rachael Pace You’ve been divorced for some time now and you’re starting to feel the loneliness kick in. Then your friend asks the dreaded question, “When are you going to get back out there?” The very thought … Read More

Before You Tell Your Spouse About Your Affair

(An Excerpt from When You’re the One Who Cheats by Dr. Tammy Nelson) If you’re having an affair, and you want to disclose the affair to your spouse before you are confronted, here’s an exercise that may help you prepare. Use … Read More

The Casual Dating Affair

The “Casual Dating Affair” is one that evolves slowly. It sneaks up on you. Perhaps this has happened to you. You’re only going out for drinks, or for lunch, or for an occasional “business” dinner, with a friend or colleague. … Read More

Women, It’s Time to Claim Your Right to Pleasure

Women, before you can claim your right to sexual pleasure, you may need to go on your own sexual empowerment journey.… Read More

Is Your Relationship in Trouble? Signs to Look For

If these signs are present, your relationship may be in trouble, or possibly even over already.
Read More

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