How to Avoid an Affair

Question from a reader: “So how do I avoid cheating on my husband?  I love him, but I’m bored.  And there’s this guy at work.  Well, he’s not anyone I would leave my husband for. I mean we have kids, … Read More

Phases of Recovery from Affairs

There are phases to the recovery of infidelity; it doesnt happen all at once – but the good news is that it can happen – if you want to recover.  Sometimes an affair means its time to end the relationship. … Read More

Infidelity Recovery

Ok, can you really get over it? She sat in my office, looking crestfallen.  Her husband had an affair, and she was devastated, she said. He saw her for a year, apparently, and they slept together once a week. I … Read More

Packin’ Em In – In Pittsburgh

I just got back from the Sex Therapy conference.  I talked about Erotic Recovery After Infidelity.  What a great crowd.  Aside from all the intellectual stimulation and the great connections I made, I had an outstanding experience in the room … Read More

sex addiction – is it real?

Is there such a thing?    What is it?  How do you recognize it?  How do you treat it?   Hypersexual behaviors like addiction to porn, infidelity, exhibitionism, intrusive sexual behaviors and other compulsive sexual problems effect spouses and partners … Read More

Polarities in Israel

Somehow my life will never be the same after teaching here for two days – in Israel. Most of every moment I feel I have had some awakening – some new understanding about the polarities of relationships – and I … Read More

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