Eliot Spitzer’s Wife Says His Affair With a Prostitute Was Her ‘Failing’

Is it Your Partner’s Fault if You Have Sex with a Prostitute?

silda wall blames herself for eliot spitzer's affair with a prostituteLemondrop said,  “When it comes to infidelity, usually there’s one thing everybody can agree on: It’s the other woman’s fault.

But the case of Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York busted for stepping out on his wife of 33 years with prostitute Ashley Dupre, is turning out to be one bizarre love triangle.

After his sordid affair was revealed, Spitzer, now better known as “Client 9,” decided to lay low, apparently biding his time before a triumphant return to politics. Dupre milked her infamy and was born again as a sex-advice columnist.

Meanwhile, Silda Wall — Spitzer’s long-suffering wife — got busy standing by her man. Now, according to a new book, “Rough Justice: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer,” she’s apparently blaming herself.

“The wife is supposed to take care of the sex. This is my failing; I wasn’t adequate,” Wall reportedly told author Peter Elkind.”

What do you think?  Is not having with your husband a reason for him to seek out sex elsewhere?  Or does it justify him meeting his needs with someone he couldnt fall in love with?
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