How to Turn the 7 Year Itch Into a Positive

You have heard of ‘Seven Year Itch.’ It’s a measurement of time that people throw around to suggest marriage goes downhill after the first seven years.

The phrase is not based on anything psychological or scientifically sound, it is not evidence or research based. In fact, the phrase was originally used to describe a contagious skin complaint.

Later, the Seven Year Itch was a play by George Axelrod adapted in 1955 as a film with Marilyn Monroe. The title described the ill-fated urges that happen after seven years of commitment.


However, there may be some truth to the idea that life goes in cycles. Did you know that most couples divorce after being married an average of seven years?* Did you know many divorces happen when the kids are an average of seven years old?


Read the rest of the article I recently published at the Huffington Post.

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