Celebrate National Masturbation Month by switching it up

May is National Masturbation MonthIn honor of May, National Masturbation Month, and International Masturbation Day today, I’d like to challenge you all to explore all the possible ways of experiencing orgasm. For this month, put down your usual stand-by routine and try something a little slower, gentler, or maybe faster, stronger. Spend a little time harnessing your sexual energy and bring yourself to climax without even touching your genitals!

Need some ideas? Annie Sprinkle, porn star and sexologist, has some great ideas in her blog Seven Types of Orgasm – or – Annie Sprinkle’s Models of Orgasm

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  1. James Mark
    | Reply

    I thought July 14th is National Masturbation Day.

  2. Beth Holt
    | Reply

    Every month masturbation month to me . Love to masturbate it’s such a great releiver.

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