Open Marriage Feels Threatening to Many; Are You Open to Change?

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Open Marriage Feels Threatening to Many; Are You Open to Change?

The recent New York Times Magazine article, “Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage?” has opened a national conversation about the controversial practice of consensual nonmonogamy.

Change Can Be Scary

Although a lot of the comments on that article were from readers who felt shocked and threatened by this new narrative, it makes sense that they responded with fear. Many people are afraid of change. And the comments on the article are revealing. They are an indication of just how much contemporary relationships are changing.

Read My Response to the Fear-Based Comments

Read my review of the article, in which I was featured prominently, and my response to some of the hate-filled responses, some directed personally toward me. I share my reaction to both the negative and the positive comments to the New York Times Magazine in my piece posted on HuffPo.

In This National Conversation, All Voices Deserve to be Heard

I invite you to check out both the original article, my response piece, and then please write me…I want to know your thoughts. It is a national debate where everyone’s voices can be heard.

Is change always bad? Could there be value in opening the discussion about open marriage? Do you think this idea can actually destroy the institution of marriage? Why or why not?

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