Are Your Beliefs About Sexuality Harming Your Clients?

Are Your Beliefs About Sexuality Harming Your Clients?

Are Your Beliefs About Sexuality Harming Your Clients?We are in a culture in the U.S. that teaches ideas about sexuality that are antiquated, misogynistic, and outdated.

Our educational system even produces trained psychotherapists who can hold unconscious and misguided biases and beliefs about sexuality.

Unfortunately, these therapists may be unintentionally doing harm as a result of these unexamined myths.

Are You a Therapist In Need of Sexuality Training?

If you are a therapist and you haven’t taken a SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) or any sexuality training, you may be one of those who could actually be damaging your clients through your lack of training.

I offer therapists the training they need in this area through Sex Therapy U, through a fun and enlightening and non-shaming SAR. With a mixture of live training, panel speakers, field trips, and cutting edge documentaries, participants will challenge their own education and come away as contemporary thinkers and as trained integrative therapists.

Please do your clients a favor and enroll in these trainings today!

Are You a Client Whose Therapist Believes Harmful Myths About Sex?

If your therapist believes any of these things (check out this Psychology Today article), you might want to consider finding a new therapist.

Find someone who has had good sex therapy training. The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (the country’s leading credentialing body of sex therapists) has an online directory you can use to find someone near you. Or check out my therapy services. Or write to me directly and I can find someone to help.

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