Make Love – a Priority

Talking to your partner about their desires and learning what their inner fantasy is like is different than sharing yours – be curious about their inner erotic life.  Help them spark their interest in sex again by asking them what turns them on.

In my book, “Getting the Sex You Want,” there is an exercise where you can each go through a list and check off things that might turn you on.  Communication is sharing that list with each other.

This can lead to the next stage, where the erotic energy is brought back into the relationship, just by TALKING about it.  Talking about fantasies and desires can heighten the passion and longing for your partner, even someone you have known intimately for many years.

Remember, attraction is in the longing for someone.  Learn who your partner is – dont assume you know just because you have made love in the past.  Sexual desire is fluid and changes as we develop and grow, and as relationships shift over time. 

Find  long term PASSION in your partnership – learn to move through the stages with purpose, dedication and intention.  DECIDE you will have a great love life, and you will.  Ignore your passion needs, and they will slide to the end of the list of priorities, and your relationship will suffer in the long run.

Make love a priority today.


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