Why Do Famous Men Cheat?

A reporter asked me today, “Why do famous mean cheat?”

I thought about it and realized, “Well, for the same reason other men cheat.  Because they can.”

Most men cheat because of  OPPORTUNITY.  Men like Tiger Woods  who has everything to lose and nothing to gain from having multiple partners, simply has more opportunity than the average guy.

Tiger has such high visibility and really big sponsors, a beautiful wife and two small children.   He has a lot to lose.  This danger might make the infidelity more exciting. 

Also, for men like Tiger Woods who experienced a less than stellar social life in high school, having a multitude of women available to him is also a way to finish off a developmental stage that he didnt get to work through in his earlier teenage years. 

And its not about how beautiful his wife is, or whats happening in their marriage.  No matter who Tiger was married to, it is likely he would have taken advantage of the opportunities he had to sleep with other women.  There are studies that show that 55 to 65% of people who have affairs say that they are actually happy in their marriages and sexually satisfied even though they are committing adultery with someone else.  Affairs do not necessarily indicate difficulty in the marriage or dissatisfaction with their primary partner. 

Some celebrities may even feel entitled to infidelity.  They can develop entitlement complexes, where not out of revenge, but out of a sense of “I deserve this” they take what they want, compartmentalizing their needs, and they sincerely do not think it will affect the people around them.

Some men develop addictions to the high of cheating; the sneaking around, the rush of the sex itself, the hiding,  and the double life.  For more on sex addiction, look for my next blog entry.

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