Orgasms : Only for the lucky few?

Reposted from Talli Rosenbaum’s blog. Read the full post on her site here. Shouldn’t all women be able to reach orgasm? And, why do some women reach orgasm through intercourse, and others don’t? These are legitimate questions which deserve evidence … Read More

Memories to share: Mexico!

If you’ve been paying attention to my blog or social media, you know that I recently returned from a week long couples retreat experience in Mexico. I’m starting to recover from the travels and positive stress, returning to life at … Read More

Ever wondered what your limits are around sex?

Want to become a certified sex therapist? One important requirement is a Sexual Attitude Restructuring Workshop. Ten hours of instructive videos, lecture and an exciting demonstration by a real live practitioner will push your limits when it comes to sex. … Read More

Should we work harder to be happier?

The All-or-Nothing Marriage Does marriage today create an expectation that we should work harder to be happier? Couples therapy helps relationships and increases satisfaction. It’s not too late to join me in Mexico for a make or break couples workshop, … Read More

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