Is writing and publishing a dream for you?

We are gearing up for another Writing and Publishing for Professionals program starting February 18th. If you have a writing project – a blog, an article, a book, or a screenplay and want to start, complete or publish it – … Read More

The happiest couple is…

I wanted to share with you an article from Huffington Post that touches on a lot of what I address in my work as a sex and relationship therapist. This Is The Happiest Relationship Ever, According To Science touches on … Read More

Want Intimacy, Passion and Play?

I’m excited to let you know that I am joining Jane Warren and Bob Tomes at Vibrant Couples as a guest presenter for 24 Shades of Red: Reigniting Intimacy, Passion, and Play! 24 experts giving you their best 8-minute strategy … Read More

Sex and Love in Stockholm: Discounted Registration

Come to Stockholm! Sign up now for a two day training on Sex and Love in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the Imago Association’s annual Conference 2014-February 14-15. Love, Sex and Infidelity: new forms of modern therapeutic work with straight, … Read More

Just a few spots left in our Couples Retreat in Paradise!

Revitalize yourself and your relationship… Be inspired to new dimensions of soulful depth… Explore sexual energy, erotic expansion & intimate connection in this once-in-a-lifetime retreat! Join us for The Ecstatic Journey: New & Ancient Healing to Renew your Romantic Relationship … Read More

Monogamy in the Internet Age

In the age of sexting, online sex, pornography, and all of the varieties and types of internet affairs, how do we as therapists help couples understand, define, and negotiate the personal and technological boundaries of fidelity and betrayal? Join me … Read More

Sex After the Affair

Sex After the Affair – with Janis Abrahms Spring and Tammy Nelson, authors of After the Affair and The New Monogamy – join us for a two part teleseminar on how to bring the erotic back into a relationship after … Read More

The Intentional Divorce: A New Frontier

A couple gets divorced in the United States every 13 seconds. Therapists in general tend to view divorce as a failure in the therapy process. This paradigm is incorrect. Divorce can be one of many transformational processes to get unstuck. … Read More

Publishing boosts your therapy practice

This short and informative article in Psychotherapy Networker provides lots of ideas for using publishing self-help books, media, recordings, classes to boost the success of your therapy practice. You don’t have to be a superstar therapist like Dr. Phil to … Read More

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