New Membership Program

I’m thrilled to announce a new membership program for my readers. Join now and start enjoying the benefits, including a discount on teleseminars, books, and workshops as well as free eBooks and so much more! Receive up to 25% off … Read More

Sex and Lies: Infidelity

My latest blog on HuggingtonPost address the reasons why people cheat, and what the problem with infidelity is: sex versus lies. Open any online newspaper or news magazine today and the headlines scream two things; sex and lies. Sex sells, … Read More

Is writing and publishing a dream for you?

Halloween references aside, I think this article has a lot of great discussion points about the creative writing process. Read 5 great pieces of advice for tackling the mental tug-of-war writers often experience. Just Me & My Shadow: Embrace Your … Read More

Are drugs good or bad for your sex life?

Performance enhancing steroids make you stronger, sexual performance drugs make you last longer, and MDMA heightens sensual experience. Yet alcohol reduces sexual function, including erection, and antidepressants decrease desire. The future of sex and treatment for sexual disorders will absolutely … Read More

Supervision training groups – New Group Added

So many people responded to the phone groups that we added an additional group on Thursday mornings, from 9am to 10:30am. We have one opening available, and one opening in the Monday afternoon group. AASECT certification for sex therapy available, … Read More

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