Sexuality in Mormonism on HuffPost Live

There are a lot of rumors around sexuality and mormonism. In honor of Valentine’s Day last week, HuffPost Live decided to look into how sex and love intersect in the Mormon faith. They invited Kristin Hodson, co-author of Real Intimacy, … Read More

Getting The Sex You Want in Orthodox Judaism

Religion has for centuries shaped our sexual values and behaviors, everything from masturbation to ejaculation to procreation. This is possibly most noticeable in Orthodox Judaism. Thankfully for ultra-Orthodox women in my local region, Bat Sheva Marcus is an Orthodox Jewish … Read More

FREE Class January 22nd

Do you have a dream? It’s time to break through your resistance, start your project and get those words on paper. In this FREE webinar we will explore how to begin, stay focused and how to get published. Register Now! … Read More

Impress your lover with a little French

Few can deny that French is a very romantic language; after all, Paris is the city of love. Bring just a taste of Paris into your sex life with these 10 Romantic French Phrases that are sure to “woo your … Read More

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