Learn the effects of religion and spiritual beliefs on sex

Religion has for centuries shaped our sexual values and behaviors, everything from masturbation to ejaculation to procreation. Find out how we are shaped by our beliefs and how we as therapists can help couples confront their pasts and find faith that works for a sexually healthy future. Sex and religion may have a bad name in therapy, but there can be positive influences through faith and practice for many couples in their sexual lives.

Beginning March 3rd, two top experts in the field of sex and religion will join me to discuss the challenges of working with special populations.

Dr. Talli Rosenbaum, in Israel, will talk about her work with Orthodox Jewish couples and Kristin Hodson will discuss her ongoing clinical work in Utah with the Mormon LDS population. In the third week, we will cover mixed religion and interfaith couples and touch on the stress of religious extremism in all of its forms and the effects this has on adult sexual relationships.

Participants will learn the effects of ancient spiritual traditions on relationships, sensuality and sexual function. This course will examine religion and sex from many angles and will give an overview of the resources that are available for clinicians who want to go deeper into this challenging work with couples from all backgrounds.

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