Sex & Religion: How Beliefs and Values Shape Erotic Behaviors

Beginning March 3, join Dr. Tammy Nelson and expert guest speakers Talli Rosenbaum, MSc and Kristen Hodson, MSW, LCSW for a three-hour teleclass covering religious factors related to sexuality, such as:

  • Sociocultural and familial factors in relation to sexual values and behaviors
  • Issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Intimacy skills (social, emotional, sexual), intimate relationships, interpersonal relationships and family dynamics
  • Diversities in sexual expression and lifestyles

Participants will learn about Orthodox Judaism and how Jewish couples comply with religion and sexuality.

Participants will cover LDS and Mormonism and how their religion affects sexuality and relationships.

Participants will cover alternative religious practices as well as radical religion as it relates to sex.

Register for Sex & Religion by February 10th (that’s tomorrow) to save $49!!

Dates: March 3, 10 & 17, 2015 at 2 pm EST for one hour each session.
Listen live or download the teleclass and listen at your convenience.
Who should attend: Therapists, counselors, healers, and anyone else interested in religion and erotic behaviors.

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